An App a Day?

An App a Day?

Actually it’s more like 1000 apps a day, and counting. As both Android and Apple stores head for the 5 million mark, it’s worth asking what happens to them all.

Smartphone users have about 30 apps on their phones and while that number is not growing fast, they are spending more and more time on them. But the sad fact is most of them disappear like a drop (an app?) in the ocean.

And what if it is downloaded? According to Google, 25% of installed apps are never used and a further 26% are abandoned after one use; that’s more than half!

Further down the line it’s even worse; the average app (on Android) loses 77% of its daily active users within the first three days, and a whopping 90% of users stop using the app within 30 days.

The moral? If the app is not core to the productivity of your business or your app is in any sense a ‘me too’ idea, walk away.